Wednesday 5.5.21

Equipment Required: Foam roller
1) Foam Roll Glutes x 60s each
2) Worlds Greatest Stretch x 5 reps each side
3) PVC Game

  • Widen the circle as you progress through rounds. When someone drops the PVC all players perform a penalty of your choice – Air Squats, Sit-ups, Burpees, Lunges etc.
    4) Rowing Drills

Partner Conditioning
EMOM 20:
ODD Minutes: Partner A complete 60s hard Row or Bike
EVEN Minutes: Partner B completes 60s hard Row or Bike

  • Goal: Partners will alternate minutes performing 60s of hard work then resting for 60s while their partner goes. Effort should be hard but intervals should be repeatable.

Single Arm Farmer Carry
AMRAP 10 x 90 ft.

  • Done with the same partner. One athlete completes a full set at a time, switching arms halfway.

World’s Greatest Stretch x 10 per side