Wednesday 9.1.21


*Set-up 10-15 medballs and perform an Animal Crawl (Duck Walk, Bear Crawl, Elephant Walk, Crab Walk) moving around the medballs. Once the music stops you will try to sit on a medball. The person that is left without a medball will complete the penalty circuit below to the side until the game is over. After each set remove one medball until you only have two people left and one medball. ”

**Penalty Circuit: 10 Air Squats, 5 Alternating Lunges, 3 Burpees


4 Rounds For Time With A Partner

800 Meter Run

50 Air Squats

50 Sit Ups

– Goal: Challenging effort with nasal breathing, sustainable split times on the Run.

L1: (600 Meter Run) (30 Air Squats) (30 crunches)

TIME CAP = 26:00


Glute March

3 x 8-10 each. No rest.


KB Curls

3 x 8-10. No rest.