Wednesday 9.11.19

• Please try to attend all four Benchmark days on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. If you miss a day, you can make it up on Thursday or Saturday. But please let the coach know before class.

• We want to celebrate your accomplishments in class! If you hit a personal record, ring the bell to let everyone know. Also, let a coach know before the lift so he or she can record your personal record. Finally, be sure to post your personal record on the PR window by the boxes.

1 RM Clean (Power or Squat)
*If 3 RM Back Squat is Less than body weight find a Max distance under Hand med ball toss 35/25

Dot Drill For Time x 3 Attempts

-5min Rest-

For Time:
Power Snatch x 20 reps
Burpee Jumping Pull Ups x 20 reps

For Time:
Power Snatch x 20 reps 75/55
Burpee Chest to bar x 20 reps

For Time:
Power Snatch x 20 reps 75/55
Bar Muscle Up x 20 reps