Wednesday 9.29.21


Equipment required: Foam roller, medium band 1) Foam Roll Hamstrings+ Quads x 60s each 2) Sciatic Nerve Floss x 10 each side

3) Biphasic Hip Flexor Stretch 60s each side

4) 3 Rounds:

– 5 each Banded Bird Dog – 10ft Elephant Walk

– 10 X-Band Walk each

5) Running Drills


‘Run For Your Life’


200 Meter run

Rest 30s

– Goal: Don’t overlook this workout – this is a great test of conditioning. This is a benchmark workout we’ve done in the past and will do again.

– Last performed 4/21/21

Rx: 13+ rounds L3: 11 + rounds L2: 9 + rounds L1: 7 + rounds


Skill Work

Pick two holds below to work on and spend 10:00 accumulating max time in both, alternating between both skills.

– Handstand Holds (Freestanding or on Wall) or Handstand Walks

– Pull-up Bar Dead Hang

– Chin-over Bar Hold

– L-sit Hold (Rings or Bar)

– GHD Back Ext Hold

– Pistol Squat Bottom Position Hold