Wednesday, August 10


Equipment Required: Medium band, foam roller

1) Foam roll wherever you need it x 60s each side

2) 3 each Spiderman Lunge

3) 3 rounds:

– 5 Yoga Push-ups

– 5 each Thoracic Rotations

– 10 Scap Pull-ups


8:00 to accumulate volume of:

A1. 10s each Hollow Hold + Superman Hold

A2. 10-15 Band Lat Pull Downs

A3: 5 Kip Swings + 3 Pull-ups

*L2: 5 Kip Swings

*L1: 5 Slow Weighted V-ups

– Goal: Improve lat engagement in bar skills



25 Meter each Single Arm Overhead Carry

3 Rope Climb Standing to Ground

25 Meter Bear Crawl

60s KB Front Rack Hold

– Goal: Nasal breathing, steady pace. Your choice of weights today


Reverse Tabata

8 x 10s on 20s off:

Bike Sprint

– Goal: Improve from last week


DB Forearm Plank Position

3 x 10 each. Rest 60s.