Wednesday, June 29


Equipment required: Foam roller, light KB

1) Foam Roll Adductors + Quads x 60s each

2) Adductor Rockback Stretch x 60s each side

3) Biphasic Hip Flexor Stretch 60s each side

4) AMRAP 6:

– 10 Ft Crab Walk

– 10s Hollow Hold

– 10 each Bodyweight Lunges

– 3 each KB Figure 8


5 Rounds of 40s Work/20s Rest

Min 1: Max 25 Meter Single Arm Front Rack Carry

Min 2: Hollow Rocks

Min 3: Walking Lunges

Min 4: KB Figure 8s

Min 5: Max 25 Meter Sledpush

– Goal: Sustainable pacing, choose loads and scaling that allow to complete 40s of work each round without stopping.


Front Rack Shin Box Hip Lift

3 x 6-8 each 3s down. Rest 60s.

L1: Unweighted