Wednesday, March 15


Equipment required: Foam roller, medium band, light KB

1) Foam Roll Hamstrings + Quads x 60s each

2) 10 each Sciatic Nerve Floss

3) Biphasic Hip Flexor Stretch 60s each side

4) 3 Rounds:

– 10 Ft Crab Walk

– 10 Band Pass Throughs

– 5 each Bodyweight Lunge

– 60s Row increasing pace


Teach TGU

5:00 to practice positions and transitions in the TGU. Light weight, sets of 1-2 per side


5 Rounds

Against a 4:00 Clock

30 Double Unders

20 total Rotational MedBall Slams

1 each TGU

Remaining time Max Cal *alternate between Row/Bike each round

Rest 60s

– Goal: Challengine but repeatable efforts each round. Your choice of weight on TGU

L2: (30s Double Under Attempts)

L1: (Penguin Taps or Single Unders) (2 each Turkish Sit-ups)


Plate Figure 8’s

2 x 10 each. Rest 60s