What type of workout are you looking for right now?


Right now is a weird time in the fitness industry. People want to workout, but gyms are closed.

So what can you do to stay healthy and fit? Right now you have three options. You can get a general workout, a customized workout, or a personalized workout.

A general workout you can pull from just about anywhere on the internet or social media. You may even be able to get it from a free app that you can download. The workout might look like this: 10 rounds of push ups and air squats. Great, you’ve been doing push up and squats for the last two weeks and here’s another similar workout. You also have a shoulder injury, so it hurts to do push ups. What should you do instead?

Then you have the customized workouts. These are workouts that you get for a low barrier cost like $9.99 a month. It’s a workout program that’s been created for thousands of subscribers to do on their own. It has some benefits, but it doesn’t have your best interest in mind. An example of this time of workout might be as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of deadlifts, box jumps, and burpees. But you don’t have a box at home, so what do you do instead?

Finally, you have personalized workouts. These are workouts designed just for you based on your goals and access to the equipment you have at home. It’s not the same three or four movements over and over. These are workouts that have you in mind. Whether you have certain fitness goals you’re trying to achieve, have a physical limitation, little or no equipment at home, or just want something fun to keep you motivated. These personalized workouts also come with individualized support and accountability. That’s something you won’t get from an app.

So if you’re tired of sitting on the couch thinking about how you should workout, let’s schedule a free call and discuss how we can help you.