C-WOD Monday 12.10.12

1.  Snatch
A.  Squat Snatch, 3×1 – from high hang – at the pockets
B.  Squat Snatch, 3×1 – from below the knees

2.  Front Squats
A.  3RM
B.  10RM

Pick one of the following (A, B, or C), base on greatest weakness…
A.  Handstand Push ups
OTM x 20
Odd: 5 HSPU – rings, elevated, kipping or strict
Even:  200m Run or 200m Row

B.  Handstand Walking
OTM x 20
Odd: 10M Handstand Walk
Even:  200m Run or 200m Row

C.  Overhead Strength
OTM x 20
Odd: 6 Push Press
Even:  200m Run or 200m Row