C-WOD Monday 12.17.12

1. OTM x 20
Odd:  3 Power Snatch
Even:  6 Front Squats – from the ground, no racks
Set up two bars.  Weights do not need to be across.

Pick one of the following (A, B, or C), base on greatest weakness…
A.  Handstand Push ups
OTM x 20
Odd: 5 HSPU – rings, elevated, kipping or strict
Even:  200m Run or 200m Row

B.  Handstand Walking
OTM x 20
Odd: 10M Handstand Walk
Even:  200m Run or 200m Row

C.  Overhead Strength
OTM x 20
Odd: 6 Push Press
Even:  200m Run or 200m Row