CrossFit Open 16.2 recap

12794775_10153444989943596_4146026651183546521_o16.2, better known as the fastest four minutes of your life, is over. Once again the Open revealed the greatness of some of our members. Whether it was hitting a personal record on the clean, stringing together double unders or doing a max set of toes-to-bar.

16.2 may have been the most exciting event we’ve ever had at the gym. We had groups of people crowded around the final athlete, heat after heat to cheer them on. The food was awesome, the music was great, it was a really good time. Hopefully, we can duplicate that this Friday.

16.3 FOOD

The menu for Week 16.3 will be…Asian. Chicken sateh skewers, Pork meatballs, Green bean chili salad. Please sign-up by Wednesday at 8 p.m.


The best seat in the house each week will be the couches placed prominently in the middle of all the action. If you want to have the couch for the night, it’s easy, be the top bidder by 6 pm on Friday. In addition to having the best seat, complimentary drinks and snack will be provided. All the money from the couch auction goes to the North Gwinnett Co-Op. Sign-up sheet is posted next to the chalkboard.


• The posters at the gym have been awesome the last two weeks! Just to clarify, the posters need to be at least standard poster size. No posters cut in half or pieces of paper. Also, we need to take the posters down by Sunday. We need the wall space for HSPU, wall balls, etc. during the week.

• If you bring canned goods for the North Gwinnett Co-Op, the bucket is by the front door when you walk in the building. There’s a sign-in sheet on ledge. If you bring an 8oz can that’s half a pound, a 16oz can is 1 pound.

• If you spill your drink from all of the excitement of Friday Night Throwdown or drop your plate of food because you just saw someone hit an awesome PR, please clean it up. There’s paper towels by the sink or in the bathroom, or you can use the wet wipes on the wall.

• We need everyone to judge at least one heat on Friday during the Throwdown. The only exception is the Teens. If we don’t have judges, we can’t keep the event running on time. If you’re unable to judge, please find someone to take your spot.

• You have to be at the gym to sign-up for a heat. You can’t have a friend or family member sign you up for a heat. While you may have intentions of being at the gym for your heat, something could come up (Atlanta traffic) and you could be late, leaving an unused lane open.

• If you’re not competing or you’re not a judge, we can’t have you on the competition floor. This is for your safety and the athlete’s safety.


16.2 scores

Team Stacey – 450

Team Laura – 388

Team Deb – 387

Team Jeremy – 358

Overall scores

Team Laura – 900

Team Deb – 880

Team Stacey – 869

Team Jeremy – 779