SPIRIT OF THE OPEN 16.2: Abi Glisson


Each year at the CrossFit Games, they honor someone with the Spirit of the Games award. This honor goes to the ‘athlete who embodies the spirit of the sport.’

Each week during the 2016 CrossFit Open, No Excuses CrossFit will recognize a member it feels represented the Spirit of the Games. This week’s honor goes to …

Abi Glisson could have easily sat out the CrossFit Open and no one would have questioned her decision. Just 12 weeks ago she gave birth to a baby boy. Now she’s kicking butt in her second CrossFit Open appearance. Abi scored a whopping 340 reps in the scaled division, which included a 115-pound personal record in the clean.

“I watched her hit that PR,” No Excuses CrossFit coach Stacey Odom said. “She would not let that weight beat her.”

Abi’s attitude and determination is really what CrossFit and the community is all about.

Congratulations Abi! We are very proud of you!