No Excuses shines at Garage Games One

Coach Mario getting ready to tackle the pull up rig at the Garage Games One.

SUWANEE — The biggest single CrossFit event in Georgia was in our own backyard last weekend and No Excuses CrossFit had a strong showing at all levels.
The fourth annual Garage Games One featured more than 850 athletes from the Southeast, including 31 from No Excuses at Suwanee Sports Academy.
No Excuses had 12 athletes compete in the individual competition on Saturday, which ranged from the masters division to youth.
Lydia Mele and Alexis Mount appear to have a bright future in CrossFit as both placed first in their divisions. Lydia was first in the teen female and Alexis placed first in the youth female. Franz Carranza took fifth in the teen male and Mason Guthrie was eight in the youth male.
Mario Macrina, Tecumseh Peete, Will Johnson and Greg Hayes proved age is not a factor by competing in the masters division and doing very well.
Scot Poore held his ground in the always ultra competitive Rx men division and new member Josh Dobeck did really well in the scaled men division.
New member Laci Hathcock shined in the scaled women division with an eighth-place finish, while Stephanie Kingery got warmed up for the weekend by competing in the division as well. Stephanie was also on a team for Sunday’s competition.
No Excuses had five groups compete in Sunday’s team competition.
Team No Excuses, which featured Ben Davis, Chris Fischer, Blake Mattison and Laura Moore, placed third in the one female division. After three WODs, they were tied for second in the division and only the top two teams advanced to the finals. The team nearly made it to the championship round, but lost in a controversial ‘WOD-off’ to reach the finals.
Team Hugo Brothers, which had Chris Mount, Tony Palazzo, Ryan Flanagan, and Kettles, held their own in the very stout all male Rx division.
Team Rock Em Sock Em (Jeremy Edmondson, Stephanie Kingery, Greg Carefoot, Julia Debreceni) and Team Snatch Envy (Sarah Conard, Melanie Lewis, Justine Parker, Daniel Parker) gave it their all in the scaled division. For most of their team members, it was their first-ever CrossFit competition.
Team Girl Pood, which had Amber Creamer, Elizabeth Anderson, Vanessa Rodriguez and Leslie Brigman, showed their girl power by placing sixth in the all girls scaled division.
The event wouldn’t have happened without the hard work and dedication of the volunteers and judges. Chris Crowder, Julian Pierce, Larry Neal, Carlos Gonzalez, Vanessa Rodriguez, Brandon Sully, Justine Parker, Elizabeth Anderson, Sarah Conard, Amy Kelly and Roman Berkhan gave their time and sweat to help the event run smoothly.
The next big CrossFit event in the Suwanee area will be on March 30 at Suwanee Town Center Park where WOD For A Cause will be held.
Below are the results for No Excuses CrossFit’s individual and teams at the Garage Games One. To see photos from the event, check out the Facebook page.

Masters (40-49) Rx male
12th place – Mario Macrina
13th place – Tecumseh Peete
17th place – Will Johnson

Masters (50-plus) Rx male
3rd place – Greg Hayes

Rx male
36th place – Scot Poore

Scaled women
8th place – Laci Hathcock
31st place – Stephanie Kingery

Scaled men
39th place – Josh Dobeck

Teen female
T-1st place – Lydia Mele

Teen male
5th place – Franz Carranza

Youth female
1st place – Alexis Mount

Youth male
8th place – Mason Guthrie

Rx 0 women
14th place – Hugo Brother (Chris Mount, Tony Palazzo, Ryan Flannagan, Kettles)

Rx 1 woman
3rd place – No Excuses (Ben Davis, Chris Fischer, Blake Mattison, Laura Moore)

Scaled 2 women
18th place – Rock Em Sock Em (Jeremy Edmondson, Stephanie Kingery, Greg Carefoot, Julia Debreceni)

Scaled 3 women
12th place – Snatch Envy (Sarah Conard, Melanie Lewis, Justine Parker, Daniel Parker)

Scaled 4 women
6th place – Girl Pood (Amber Creamer, Elizabeth Anderson, Vanessa Rodriguez, Leslie Brigman)

Chris Crowder
Julian Pierce
Larry Neal
Carlos Gonzalez
Vanessa Rodriguez
Brandon Sully
Justine Parker
Elizabeth Anderson
Sarah Conard
Amy Kelly
Roman Berkhan