ROMWOD questions answered

For the last couple of months, we have incorporated ROMWOD into the gym’s programming. Many people have seen the benefits of doing it a couple of times a week. We’ve had some people ask some really good questions about ROMWOD. To help answer them, we have taken the following from ROMWOD FAQs page to help give you a better understanding. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask!

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ROMWOD - Optimize Your Range of Motion

What’s the difference between traditional stretching and doing ROMWOD?

ROMWOD is not stretching. “Stretching” is something done to your muscles after you train. ROMWOD is designed to open the body. We use a combination of postures derived from Kung Fu, Taoist Yin and Yoga. Our routines are designed to help the connective tissue of the body stay strong and healthy by creating gentle traction on the fascial tissues of the body. This also increases the body’s ability to fall into proper alignment while performing functional movements and helps to prevent injuries that are associated in the joints. Think about where most career ending injuries occur. It is not in the muscles, it is in the joints. When you train in the gym, you build strong muscles. When you train with ROMWOD, you build strong joints while working to open the joints naturally over time.

Should I use ROMWOD as a warm-up

ROMWOD is NOT a warm up! It is a system used by Kung Fu Warriors for centuries designed to open the body up without warming the body up. If your body warms up, then it is going to cool down, and when it cools down you are going to tighten up again. Performing the poses while cool allows the body to stay open and the athlete, like the Kung Fu Warrior, to be ready at a moment’s notice to battle whatever he faces at any time.

You can do ROMWOD minutes before training and you will feel the benefits of it in your workout, but the ROMWOD will not warm your muscles. You will still want to perform a dynamic warm up after your ROMWOD is complete before you train.

Is ROMWOD the same as yoga?

ROMWOD is not just a “yoga” class. One of the most important differences between ROMWOD and “yoga” is our focus on maintaining strength while increasing range of motion. As an athlete using ROMWOD you will not sacrifice power for flexibility. ROMWOD does not train you to be more flexible. It trains your joints to open and it strengthens your joints at the same time.

In addition, ROMWOD places a tremendous emphasis on developing what we call the Warrior Mentality. Our routines train your mind to focus, to remain calm when everything in your body is telling you to panic, and to keep your body running efficiently while enduring stress. A big part of this training involves breathing techniques and breath control exercises that are directly applicable in the gym.

How will ROMWOD improve my training?

Increased range of motion leads to better position and recovery in all weightlifting, Olympic weightlifting, athletic and functional movements. Achieving better position leads to increased power and efficiency. By moving closer to proper movement patterns through increased range of motion you decrease your chance for injury. By strengthening ligaments and fascia you create longevity in your joints and tissues. Recovery is increased through the natural release of hyaluronic acid which is intentionally stimulated throughout ROMWOD’s programing.

ROMWOD’s focus on breathing techniques prepares your mind for battle. Your body is capable of doing anything your mind allows it to do, so training your mind to focus through any challenge can help your performance at the gym, on the field, and in life.

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