Signing up for the Open: Ben and Stacey’s take

The Open starts next Thursday!  We will gather on Fridays for the next 5 weeks and test our fitness in a worldwide competition.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to go anywhere, we will do the workouts at No Excuses!  Check out what Coaches Ben and Stacey have to say about the Open!
Here’s Coach Ben’s take on the Open:

The 2014 Open. It’s sure to be FUN! If I were given only one word to describe the experience, it would be FUN.  I have seen all walks of life and age characterize the Open with that word.  In simple words, the open is literally for ANYONE who CrossFits.  It’s the same type of workouts that you experience on a weekly basis at the gym and so there REALLY is no difference in this event and a regular day at the gym. Oh wait, maybe a few differences. One, there is more energy and “hype” around the workout which, in almost all cases, increases your ability to perform better. Two, the emotional and relational improvements you experience from joining in on all the FUN is something that just has to be experienced.  Lastly, you will walk away from the opportunity with a better picture and experience of competition in the “sport of fitness” and will CERTAINLY motivate you to continue pursuing excellence in your training and reaching your full potential as an individual.

Don’t miss out on this!!!

I look forward to competing and having FUN with you all!!

Read what Coach Stacey has to say about the Open:

I signed up because I feel that I push myself everyday to do something challenging and unknown when I walk into the gym. I believe that I should continue to challenge myself physically AND mentally by competing and seeing how I do against others across the country. I am not doing it for anyone but myself. I did not compete last year being so new to CrossFit, but I loved watching the WODs come out each week and watching many people from the gym compete. The atmosphere changes once the Opens start, which is fun and exciting and often times turns into PR’s for many. At the end of the day, every person that competed last year in our gym did something awesome for themselves. They pushed their boundaries and achieved goals that they had been trying to reach for several months.

Sign up here right now!!

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  1. If I know I will be out if town for 2 of the Fridays, will that restrict me from being able to enter?