Spirit of the Games CrossFit Open 14.5: Kim Brusch

Each year at the CrossFit Games, they honor someone with the Spirit of the Games award. This honor goes to the ‘athlete who embodies the spirit of the sport.’

Each week during the 2014 CrossFit Open, No Excuses CrossFit will recognize a member it feels represented the Spirit of the Games. This week’s honor goes to …

Kim Brusch knew that she was going to have to tackle the thrusters one at a time, and that is exactly what she did.  Kim was the picture of determination as she chipped away at 14.5.  Basically hitting a 1 rep max over and over for the entire workout, Kim never appeared to want to quit.  She calmly and intentionally worked her way through all the 84 thrusters and 84 burpees, completing 14.5 in time of 50:38.

Kim’s determination and sticktoitiveness embodied what this sport is all about: never giving up in the face of challenge and adversity.

Congratulations Kim!  We are very proud of you!


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