Basic Nutrition

What we fuel our body with is the base of our overall health and fitness.  From a health perspective, we want to work to minimize inflammation in the body and from a performance standpoint we want to be able to maintain energy throughout a training session and replenish and recover after a training session.

We take the basic nutrition standpoint that what you eat should come from whole food sources.  It should consist mostly of lean meats and vegetables and then in decreasing quantity be supplemented with nuts and seeds, some fruit, a little bit of starch and no sugar.  To avoid inflammation in the body and the host of ailments and autoimmune issues that stem from inflammation, we recommend that people take a period of 30 days to remove all known dietary inflammatory agents from their diet.  These would include grains (even whole grain), dairy, soy and sugar.  It is only when we get our body back to baseline and systematically add back in those inflammatory foods we see how it affects our body.

Focus primarily on eating a good source of lean protein, a plate full of veggies and supplement with some healthy fat (avocado, olive, or coconut and their associated oils, and nuts and seeds) for the majority of your meals.  Post-workout is a great time to enjoy fruit and starchy carbs from sweet potatoes in the post-workout period (30 minutes to an hour after training).

Have more questions? Email Jeremy, our in-house Precision Nutrition Certified Coach