Programming Levels

At No Excuses, we have successfully created a system that applies individual programming principles to a group setting.  Our assessment based model flows into a tiered fitness progression that moves you forward in your fitness safely and effectively.  Based on your assessments, you will follow programming designed to effectively progress your physical capacity.  We have three tiers:

CrossFit Essentials is designed to introduce athletes to fundamental functional movements that are key in developing a strong base  of conditioning and motor control, improving immune function and decreasing stress. Participants work towards developing proficiency in these essentials through challenging workouts that prepare one for moving into our next levels of CrossFit training. There is no prerequisite fitness level for getting started in CrossFit Essentials, and most of our new athletes begin here.

CrossFit Fitness is designed to provide greater challenges for athletes that have developed in their ability to perform movements under load at higher intensities.  In addition to the base of fitness developed in Essentials, elements of high-skilled gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, and plyometric movements are included to continue to develop a well-balanced fitness for the athlete. Athletes must test into this level.

CrossFit Performance is designed for athletes with an ability and desire for pursuing CrossFit in a competitive setting. With the increasing popularity of “The Sport of Fitness,” this program is geared towards developing the athlete’s ability to maintain a high work capacity alongside increased proficiency in high-level gymnastic and weightlifting skills.  Athletes must test into this level.

Training age and how it typically correlates with Essentials, Fitness, Performance

We use our assessments to determine where on this spectrum an athlete may fall.  We can often use the concept of “training age” to determine where someone also falls on this spectrum.  Your chronological age is how old you are, but your training age is how long you have consistently been involved in resistance training and CrossFit specifically in our case.  These are general guidelines; know there is some gray area involved.  Even if you have been involved in running, cycling, yoga for 5 to 10 years, your CrossFit training age is still zero.  This is a long process so you must stay positive and work to see improvement, even if it is small.

General guidelines for training age:

Essential: Less than 1.5 years

Fitness: 1.5-3 years

Performance: 3+ years