Monday, April 30th, 2012 O-Lifting

Upright Torso, Elbows High, and Hips Open…Beautiful Front Squat


Hang Snatch High Pull+Hang Snatch 5×3+1 @ Heaviest Possible weight (90sec rest)

Front Squat 5×2 @ 70% w/3sec Pause (90sec rest)

Push Press 5@65%/3@75%/1@85%/1@90%/1@90-100% (60sec rest)



For Time:

100 D.U.

50 meter 1 Arm Bar Bell Farms Carry (95/65)

25 Hang Power Cleans (155/105)

*Note* Every time the Bar hits the floor after you pick the weight up for the farmers carry and after the first hang power clean it will be a 5 Burpee penalty before you can resume your carry or reps.


a. 2x M.E. Knees to Elbows

b. 2x M.E. Strict Pull-Up

c. 2x 10 Kettle Bell Over Head Squat 5each side (55/35)