Monday July 1st 2013 O-Lifting


Back Squat
4×5 starting at a very light weight and building up to a moderately heavy weight
1×5 5lbs heavier than last week
*If you didn’t get all 5 from last week then keep it at the same weight from last week and try for 5 again.*

SPU Warm Up (Bar 5 reps each)

Snatch Complex OT 2min 16min
Hang Power Snatch + OH Squat (3sec pause) + snatch RDL to knee (pause @ knee 3 sec) + hang snatch From knee all sets done at 50% for speed and mechanics

Snatch balance 5×1 heavy but not maximal



3 rounds
1min max Hybrid KBS 70/55
1min rest
*Each rep under 30 per round is a 2 burpee penalty during the rest*