Monday July 29th 2013 O-Lifting Week 12

This is the last workout of our 12 week cycle so have fun with it. Our next 12 week cycle will start up on September 9th. Great job to everyone and the new PRs.

Team Conditioning

In Teams of 2
7min AMRAP
Power Snatch75/55

Rest 3min

7min AMRAP
Power Clean 95/65

Rest 3min

7min AMRAP
Squat Clean and Split Jerk 115/75

*For all 3 AMRAPs you and your partner will go back and forth 1 rep each at a time. If you have a team of 3 then cycle threw 3 people instead of just the 2.*

1 thought on “Monday July 29th 2013 O-Lifting Week 12”

  1. I did this one today. It is the sceond time i do it. would love to see the 1 person equivalent.
    instead of 7 mins I did 6 mins by myself. you are pretty gassed out by the end of the first set so the second and third set is all about keeping good form and continue breathing.

    thank you for posting