Monday, September 17th, 2012 O-Lifting


1.Tempo 1st Pull Snatch 5×2 Heavy as Possible rest 90sec

*This tempo should be 7 count up to the high hang position and then an explosive 2nd pull and a quick 3rd pull under.  Make sure it is a true 7sec!!  The goal is to maintain a perfect posterior pulling position.*

2.Back Squat 20 reps @ 30lbs Less than our 5RM from 8/15/12 or 15lbs more than last week

3a.Behind the neck Push Jerk+Snatch Balance 3×2+1 Heavy as Possible rest 60sec

3b.Snatch Pulls 3×3 Heavier then last week rest 60sec



OTM 5×2 Hang Power Snatch 60%+ and 3 Pistol Squats each leg

OTM 5×2 Turkish Get Ups 1 each side 55/35 and 6 Slapping Push-Ups

OTM 5×2 Over Head Squat Heavy as possible and 9 toes to bar