Wednesday, August 15th, 2012 O-LIFTING


1. 12min to Find a 5 Rep Max Back Squat

2. Clean From Blocks at Hip High 5×5 60sec Rest Light, work on Form

3a. Push Jerk 3×5 Heavy as Possible Rest 60sec

3b. Clean Pulls 3×3 90-100% of Clean Rest 60sec

*The focus on the clean pull should be exploding threw with the hip at a very fast speed and making contact high into the lower abdomen.  If these can’t be achieved with the weight then lower it.*




Snatch Grip Dead Lift 185/135

Ring Push-Up

*Rings should be fist distance from the ground*

Mid Line (On your own or if time)

2 Rounds not For Time:

2 Turkish get ups each arm 55/35

20sec Ring Support Hold

200sec Overhand grip Bar Hang

*The overhand grip bar hang is just what it sounds like, get on the pull up bar and hang.  This is grip strength.  If you cant do it all unbroken then just get the sec desired buy breaking and resting.*