Sail the 7 C’s of Mental Toughness

Last week, we laid out the first four C’s of mental toughness!  Let’s dig in to the final three…

Someone who is mentally tough has:

COMPOSURE:  They know how to stay focused and deal with adversity! It’s all about keeping your cool in the midst of even the craziest situations and during workouts that oftentimes seem insurmountable!

COURAGE:  They are willing to take risks!  It’s scary to try something new, go up in weight or even just walk through those doors some days.  Mentally tough athletes have courage to push themselves and face the unknown!

CONTROL: They can control their emotions and behavior.  This relates to understanding what is inside your control and what is not.  Maintaining poise, concentration and emotional control under great pressure and challenging situations separates mentally tough athletes from those who are not.  What’s inside your control at the gym? During a WOD? At work? At home? Focus on these things.

Start practicing your mental game and watch your physical game improve. The great thing about these characteristics is that they can be practiced, developed and ultimately become habit.  What better way to practice these skills than when you come to No Excuses!  Check out Mind Gym by Gary Mack on Amazon; it is a great book with lots of insight into the mental game of sport and competition!