Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 O-Lifting


1A. Clean From Blocks Hip Height 5×3 Medium weight (nothing over 70%) Rest 90sec

1B. Front Squat 3×5 Heavy as Possible 90sec rest

2A. Push Press+Push Jerk 3×3+5 Heavy as Possible 60sec Rest

2B. Clean Pulls 3×3 Heavier than last week 60sec Rest



10min EMOM

2 Hang Power Cleans

1 Strict HSPU (Last round is max effort, kipping is allowed)

*Weight is up to you on the HPC, you can always drop weight over the 10min but you can’t add weight.  Your score is the weight on the bar at the end of 10min and reps of HSPU.*

Mid Line

2 Attempts at Max effort L-Sit (Paralets)

2 Attempts at Max effort L-Sit (Hanging from a Bar)

*There Should be a 5min break between each attempt and a 30min break between the different movements.  Remember this is home work so it doesn’t need to been done all together.*