What to Think About While Performing a Lift

As I have stated in the past, there is a lot going on during a lift which necessitates thinking about and achieving many different movements at once.  So let’s go over your thought process during a lift because proper concentration and body awareness could make or break a lift.

I like to give a short answer and a long answer to our question, but I warn you the short answer wouldn’t make any sense unless you read the long one.

Short answer
You need to think about nothing and everything.

Long Answer
If you are going through a well thought-out program and have practiced the skills correctly, your body has adapted to the movement patterns you have created. The lift flows without having to think through it.

However, even some well experienced people have flaws in their lifts.  The key is to mentally prepare before you step up to the bar. Go over how you are going to get around that weakness whether it is getting full hip extension on the second pull or pulling under aggressively on the third pull (my weakness).  Now, we are on the platform and about to lift and that’s exactly what needs to happen.  You have done all your prep work so think about NOTHING.  The moment you begin to break down each step while lifting is the moment everything goes wrong.  The Clean and Jerk and Snatch are two quick movements. In fact, I don’t know anybody who has a mind that can process as quickly as these are performed.  Think of nothing when lifting if you want a successful lift.

Now the everything answer goes out to all those who don’t practice or are still perfecting their skills.  These are also the people that shouldn’t try to go heavy until your skills are refined.  Every lift should be an evaluation on form from take off position to landing position and everything in-between.  If you are this person, don’t stress but you should be aware of every movement until correct form is achieved.

Depending on your skill level and experience with these lifts the answer is different. The only thing left to say is if your mind believes there is a reasonable chance something can be achieved, the body will
perform to achieve that task.

Coach Chris