Mario Macrina

Letter from Mario to Ben Davis

Ben, I wanted to say thank you for the birthday wishes that you and your team gave me last week. It was a good feeling to know that you keep track of events like that and share your well wishes with the members. It also reinforced the feeling I get that Crossfit is a type of family unit and not just a gym. Thank you for that!!

Also, I can’t express how much Crossfit has impacted my life in such a short time frame. Like you stated in one of my Foundations classes, “Our goal is to build your body and mind so you will have the confidence to handle any challenge in your life, whether it be mental or physical”. Well, it’s working. I feel better about myself than I have in 20 years. My overall confidence has increased both physically and mentally. My mind seems more focused and I love the challenge the daily WOD’s bring every time I go. I have got my brother-in-law involved in Crossfit Johns Creek and he is loving it too!

FYI…I did Fran my first real WOD after I joined No Excuses and finished in 12:21 (it took me over an hour to get my mind and body back from delirium!!). I did the pull ups using 2 red bands and used a 35 lb. bar for my Thrusters.

Monday I completed my second Fran ever in 6:27!!! I did the pull ups unassisted (I finally think I have my KIPs down which helped tremendously!!) and I used 65 lbs. for the Thrusters (working up to Rx on that one). I was really excited to see how much improvement in time I have made in just 1.5 months!


This type of personal success is what keeps me coming back and looking forward to the next WOD and how much I can test myself! This is AWESOME!! I am very humbled by the other Crossfitters and coaches in the gym and look up to everyone in there and what they are accomplishing for themselves. I enjoy meeting new people and I have made some friends that I look forward to seeing each time I go. I know it’s still too early to see how far I can take this experience, but I am looking forward to every new challenge ahead and how I can use Crossfit to benefit others!!

Anyway, an overall “THANK YOU” for sharing what you and your team have learned about Crossfit with me. I am looking forward to all Crossfit has to offer!!

See you soon. Have a great day!

Mario V. Macrina, P.E.