Extreme – May 26-27, 2011

Dynamic Warm-up (DWU)

Timed Station Interval Circuit w/Agility – (Game Day!) 3-4 Rounds of 45sec/station – Rest 1-2 min between rounds
Rain Option: Can be set up inside.

1-Foot Jump Rope
SL Burpees
Speedy Bear Crawl
Cone Lateral Slide
Kick to Handstand
Get-up Sprints – Start each sprint lying on back
Skater Hops between Cones

Stretch Routine: Hold each for 10+ seconds (about 5 min total)

Rolling Lesson: Lats/Arms/Shoulders

Thursday @ 8:30 am @ Town Center Park
Friday @ 5:00 am @ Gym
(if raining either day, go to Gym)