Athlete Spotlight: Cathy Mele

Cathy_MeleName:  Cathy Mele
Age: 46
Occupation: Domestic Engineer (i.e. Wife, Mom, Nurse, Home Manager, Financial Advisor, Maid, Chef, and 5th, 9th and 11th grade Teacher)
Which class time do you usually attend? 6 a.m.
Favorite WOD: Any team WOD with my daughter Lydia
Favorite Lift: Squat Snatch
Deadlift max: 195 pounds, but that was back in May- looking for over 200 pounds next 1RM
Back squat max: 2 Rep Max is 145 pounds
Fran: 5:35 w/bands
Cindy: n/a
Got Muscle-ups?  Not yet
1 mile run: 9:28
How long have you been CrossFitting?  Since Jan. 3, 2012
What keeps you coming back/motivated?
“First it would be our community. The coaches are great and always push me to do my best. I love the people in our box and especially the 6am’ers! 🙂
Second, I never get bored. The workouts are always different and there is always something to work on.
Third, getting results —  stronger, fitter, faster.”

How did you find CrossFit?
“Actually, a friend was telling us about gyms in the area and mentioned it was on Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd. Good location, so we thought we’d check it out.”

What is your athletic background?
“I always loved sports as a kid. Played volleyball and softball in high school.”

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness?
“Prior to CrossFit I hadn’t done any serious exercise routine for the last 16 years! The most exercise I got was playing with my kids and taking walks. I didn’t put much serious thought into eating healthy either. Since starting CrossFit I try to get to No Excuses four times a week and I love it! We also try to eat mostly Paleo. I feel stronger and healthier than I have in a long time.”

What is the one thing you have done here that you never thought you could do?
“Strict pull-up.”

What motivates/inspires you?
“My favorite No Excuses member, Lydia, who happens to also be my daughter.  Lydia pushes me everyday to be faster, go heavier, and sometimes just to finish! I try to keep up with her but it has yet to be done!”

What is your proudest CrossFit achievement?
“Completing my first Affiliate League competition after only six months of CrossFit. Notice I said ‘completing’. It was the hardest physical thing I have ever done. (wait I gave birth to three kids…nope this was harder)”

Name one goal/personal achievement you would like to achieve through CrossFit?
“Hand stand push-up and a muscle-up.”

What goals have you achieved in CrossFit?
“Double unders, pull-ups, rope climbs, and 30-inch box jump.”

Hobbies/Interests outside of CrossFit?
“Reading, homeschooling my kids, and fellowship with friends from church

What is your favorite meal?
“Thai red curry.”

Any advice for new members?
“When I first came to the gym I was inspired by looking at the ‘Then and Now’ board. Brandon and Chris Mount have amazing stories! I also saw someone doing a rope climb and knew I wanted to do that! Look around there are plenty of inspiring people in our gym!
• Take it one WOD at a time.
• Record your WOD and results, I would make this a requirement for new-bees.
• Soreness will be a way of life, embrace it.
• Set short-term and long-term goals!
• Be proud of yourself for working hard and finishing!
• You can have excuses or results, not both.”

Coach Mario’s comment:
“When I first met Cathy she had just started CrossFit a few months earlier. As with a lot of beginning CrossFitters, her confidence level wasn’t very high and her movements had some room to improve. I remember her dreading wall balls! Not anymore!!
Today, Cathy is one of the most improved athletes I have seen at NEA. Her drive, determination, and desire to constantly improve are evident in every WOD she completes. She is always adding that extra weight, tweaking that fundamental movement or willing to help others improve. I really enjoy coaching Cathy because she not only makes it easy, but enjoyable and rewarding! Definitely  someone to watch out for and see how far she can take this amazing sport!”