Hugo Open 10 workouts

Workout 1 – ‘Hi, my name is’

Submit team name by Friday, August 11 at 12pm.

Workout 2 – ‘Shoulder Pump’

On a 5:00 clock

10 Ring Rows

10 DB Push Press (20#)

30 Plate jumps

Remaining time max reps of … up downs

-Rest 30 seconds-

On a 5:00 clock

10 Ring Rows

10 DB Push Press (20#)

30 Plate jumps

Remaining time max reps of … burpee broad jump

-Rest 30 seconds-

On a 5:00 clock

10 Ring Rows

10 DB Push Press (20#)

30 Plate jumps

Remaining time max reps of … burpees over 45-pound plate

  • 3 scores 
  • Max reps for each final movement – up downs, burpee broad jump, burpees over plate.
  • One person completes one round before the next person goes. 
  • After each person has completed a round, you may start the max part of the workout. You can go in whatever order you want and do whatever rep scheme you like for the max reps. 
  • You must stay in the same order for all three workouts. Murph, DT, Fran, Murph, DT, Fran
  • Clock set for three 5-minute periods with a 30-second transition between workouts. 
  • Two non-working people are in the waiting area, which will be by the wall where the TV is located.
  • For the Ring Rows, the bottom of the ring will be 34 inches from the ground. Heels must be in front of the tape. Arms must be extended at the bottom, chest must touch the ring at the top. Knees may be bent or straight as long as the arms are extended and the ring touches the chest. 
  • For the DB push press, arms must be fully extended overhead with biceps covering ears. 
  • The plate jumps will be a forward facing two-foot jump on and off the plate. 
  • The up downs you must have your hands in front of the tape on the floor and feet behind the tape in the bottom position. You must return to standing before starting the next rep. 
  • The burpee broad jump you will go down to the ground and have you chest touch the floor. Stand up and jump to the next piece of tape on the floor. Turn around perform the next repetition. 
  • The burpee on the plate you will have your chest touch the floor, stand up and have a two-foot jump on the plate and jump down to the opposite side. You may do forward or lateral facing burpees. No straddling the plate during the burpees. 

Workout 3 – ‘Clean Ride’

For Total Time and Total Weight

5K Bike


1RM clean (power or squat)


-15-minute time cap

-Two barbells — one for women and one for men.  

-Two scores — one score is the total weight lifted by all three athletes, the second score is total time for the 5K bike.

-Each person must bike at least 500 meters at a time.

-Must have collars on the barbell for the clean to count.

Workout 4  – ‘Chipper’

For Time:

50 calorie row

50 Power Clean (75/55)

50 Box Jump/Step Over (20-inch)

50 Knee Raises

50 Wall Ball w/butt to ball (14/10, 9-foot)

50 T2B

50 American KBS (35#)

50 Power Snatch (75/55)

50 Suitcase deadlift (44#)

TIME CAP = 15:00

-One person working at a time.

-Two scores — time when your team finishes the wall balls and time or total reps when your team finishes the suitcase deadlift.

– One person working, one person in the 35# KBs holding area, one person in the waiting area. 

Workout 5 – ‘Sled Hell 4.0 – resurrected (2017)’

15-minute AMRAP

20 synchronized alternating dumbbell snatches (40/30/20#)

25-meter sled push (180#) + the dumbells 


– One score for total reps. 

– Dumbbells are moved on top of the sled, so the snatches are performed at either end of the sled push lane.

– The sled will be performed on the concrete area next to the building. Not on the pavement. 

– On the sled you can have one or two people pulling with the sled straps and one or two people pushing the sled. 

– All DB movements must be synchronized or the rep does not count.