‘I’ve always been athletic, but now I’m more sedentary.’

No Excuses CrossFit offers group classes and personal training.

We hear this a lot during our No Sweat Intro.

You grew up playing sports, were athletic in high school, and maybe even played in college.

Then you graduated college, you got married, had kids, and 15 years later you don’t look or feel like the person you used to be.

You miss being that person that was fun, athletic, and energetic.

We understand. And here’s the good news — you can be that person again.

Our group fitness classes are great for the person that …

Grew up playing team sports, so you enjoy fitness in a group atmosphere.

Has that competitive spirit, so you like a good challenge.

Enjoys being around like-minded individuals, who will encourage you to be your best.

The first step towards getting back to the old you is scheduling a No Sweat Intro.