Good Luck to all of our athletes competing this weekend

Hey Competitors!  Ben and I wanted to share some insights into having a great weekend competing!  We are a little later than we wanted to be getting this out to you but better late than never about this stuff. 

We wanted to walk you guys through some of the things you can be doing to ensure you are at your best and stay there on “Game Day” which is the day of Competition.  
7 Steps to a Successful Competition: 
1st: HAVE FUN!! Smile, Joke around with friends, RELAX!! That is the best thing you can do for yourself starting right now! Too often athletes allow anxiety and stress to wreck their potential.  You have been training for sometime now and are ready.  These are just more WOD’s that you are already used to doing on a regular basis, so relax and enjoy being able to compete!  Be thankful for being given the opportunity to move your body like you are going to do this weekend.  Think about all the people that have helped you and thank them in your own heart.  If you get this right you are 50% on your way there.  Instead of telling yourself repetitively “I just want to have fun, I don’t care about doing really well” Instead try things like… “I’m excited to participate, and this is going to be so much FUN!!  I am working hard in my training. I will learn a lot from this experience.”
2nd:  HYDRATE starting right now!!! Go get some Ultima hydration drink. and/or Drink plenty of water throughout the rest of day.  Stop around 8 pm so that you are not waking yourself up and affecting your sleep.  
3rd:  SLEEP!  Take some Natural Calm Magnesium from Vitamin Shoppe.  Turn off lights around 9 pm.  Start reading around 8:30 pm to get relaxed.  Turn off the phones, TV, etc. allow yourself to calm down and rest.  While your laying down and getting some rest, visualize yourself going through reps, performing each rep efficiently, and pushing through the fatigue and hurt with an “iron will” and “big heart”.  Visualize yourself competing like the champion you are!!  The mind is our most powerful tool and we can use it in these types of events in life for us or against us.  Its a choice, and each choice is just as easy to make, so why not choose to use it “for” you!? 
4th:  Nutrition:  Eat well the night before competition with lots of veggies, a lean portion of meat, and some good fats like avocado, nuts, good oils like coconut oil.  
On Game Day- 
Ben – Breakfast (1hr or more before first WOD) – Eggs and Bacon, Grapefruit or Sweet Pot.  – 30 minutes prior to WOD (Pre WOD): Drink a cup of coffee and then take BCAA’s or Force (New product from Progenex which you can try this weekend)) After first WOD: Drink a Progenex recovery shake with BCAA’s and a Coconut Water or piece of fruit like apple sauce.  I will have small snack with me throughout the day that consist of protein (deer jerky) and fruit or some other sugar source.  No Fats yet.  I save the Fats for after the competition.  
Laura – Breakfast – 3 eggs scrambled with spinach/onions, a handful of blueberries, 2 pieces of bacon. –  Pre-WOD: BCAA’s 10-20 grams. Post WOD: Progenex Recovery shake and banana or Sweet Potato.  Snacks (lean protein, sweet potato, blueberries etc) throughout the day.  

Each athlete chose a lean protein for muscle repair and recovery. Plus a high glycemic carbohydrate (fruit and/or sweet potatoes) to replenish glycogen stores. Fat’s primary roll is satiety and is not necessary or can make you feel sluggish on Game Day.

So, when you pack your cooler for the Garage Games this weekend, have in mind our routines but be sure to choose proteins and carbs that work for you. And most importantly, nothing new should be introduced to your diet. Stick with what you know.

5th: RELAX in between WODs – sit down and put your feet up, especially on leg intensive WOD’s. Put a cool rag around your neck if hot.  

6th: COOL DOWN: After your WOD go for a very slow and steady jog for 5 minutes, then sit and stretch for 5 to 10 minutes to keep elasticity in muscle tissues. Do some mobility – light foam rolling, some compression or even spend a few minutes on a lacrosse ball.

7th: GIVE THANKS:  Have time to reflect on this opportunity, share some love with friends, cheer others on, and support your fellow crossfitters in any way you can.  

Watch this VIDEO:

Lastly, tell people about WOD for a Cause and encourage them to participate in it!


Thanks guys!  Go crush it! We are proud of you!

Coach Ben and Coach Laura