Saturday 12.8.12

Happy Anniversary No Excuses!  Today marks 4 years of No Excuses serving this community. Lots of people sweating, working hard, improving, laughing, crying, smiling and building friendships over the years.  Here’s to many, many more years of serving this community.  Thank you to all the amazing athletes and coaches that have come through our doors to make this gym what it is!

You-Plus-One Anniversary WOD
400 m Run
5 Push-Ups
7 Kettlebell Swings
9 Box Jumps/Step-Ups

On 3-2-1-go, Partner A takes off on a 400 m run while Partner B starts AMRAP’ing the 5-7-9. When Partner A returns, they pick up where Partner B left off and Partner B takes off on a 400 m Run.

Make No Excuses!

Double Under December in full effect!  You still have time to catch up and join in!  Pick a manageable yet challenging number of DU’s to complete each day (10, 25, 50…100..). If you don’t have DU, do 200 singles and then 10 DU attempts each day!