Thursday 1.3.13

Hey Folks, Way to rock out Double Under December! Today starts our January Challenge: “Angie-uary”.  Here’s how it works…you will cycle through the movements that make up the workout “Angie” throughout the rest of this month!  Today starts with pull-ups, tomorrow will be push-ups, Saturday will be sit-ups and Sunday will be air squats…etc. For all the movements, we are going to say a minimum of 25 a day, but if you want to do more each day that is fine as well!  (25 pull-ups might be daunting, but 25 ab-mat sit ups isn’t too bad, so if you want to adjust the reps for each movement depending on your weaknesses, that is ok!)  By the end of the month you should feel more strong and confident in these foundational gymnastics movements!

Clean & Jerk
5×1 Across

3 Rounds:
12 Thrusters (115,80)
6 Muscle Ups*

*3 Pull-Ups + 3 Ring Dips sub, or if you have unassisted ring dips, you can do assisted muscle-ups on the low rings.

Here's a good lookin' New Years Eve class!
Here’s a good lookin’ New Years Eve class!