Thursday 10.21.21


Equipment required: Foam roller, light/medium band

1) Foam Roll Pecs 60s each

2) Biphasic Pec Stretch 60s each

3) AMRAP 5:

– 3-5 Plyo Push-ups *scale to knees as necessary

– 5 Single Arm Row each

– 15 Band Pull-aparts

4) Air Bike Sprint 10-15s for max watts

5) Floor Press w. an empty barbell

1 x 5 w 1s pause halfway down, 1s pause at floor.


Floor Press

Build to a 1RM in 8 sets.


– sets should look like 3-3-2-2-1-1-1..

– Goal: 5# PR

– L1: 5 x 5, 2 warm-up sets, same weight as last week

– Last tested: 6/28


4 Rounds

6 Strict Chin-ups

12 Barbell Rows – supinated grip

25 Banded Hammer Curls

– Rest 2-3:00 between rounds

– Goal: This should be very very tough! Warm-up as much as needed for the Rows and Chin-ups before starting this giant set. Your arms should be so pumped you shouldn’t be able to put your seatbelt on in your car afterwards.

TIME CAP=20:00

L2: (Pull-up Negatives)

L1: (Ring Assisted Pull-ups)


Toes To Bar

2 sets for max reps. Rest 2:00

Rx+: (60+)

Rx: (50)

L3: (40)

L2: (Hanging Straight Leg or Hanging Knee Raises)

L1: (Weighted V-ups)