Thursday 6.8.17

21min EMOM
1.Gymnastics movement or any part, for Example(Pull Up,Kip, Ring Pull, strict pull up, Bar or ring Muscle Up, Muscle up transition work, …)
2. Squatting, for Example (air squat, light Goblet squat, any empty barbell squat, light object in single arm squat , single leg squat
3.Monostructural Movement, for Example (Row, Run, Jump rope, Assault Bike, Ski)
*All work is to be done in 45 sec with a 15sec rest or transition to the next movement. Reps do not matter with this workout, time is spend to work on performing the movement more efficiently and proficiently rather than worrying about total reps or speed.

Seated Straddle x 4min
Standing Straddle x 4min
Saddle x 4min