Tuesday 4.13.21


Equipment required: Foam roller, light/medium band, light med ball

1) Foam roll pecs 60s each

2) Biphasic Pec Stretch 60s each

3) 3 Rounds of:

– 15 Band Pull-aparts

– 10 Weighted V-ups

– 5 Burpees

3) Close Grip Bench Press:

2 x 3 w. 1s pause halfway down, 1s pause at chest.


Close Grip Bench Press

4 x 5


– build in weight

– Exceed weight by 5# from last week

– Alternate minutes between CGBP and Archer Ring Row

– Last completed 4/6


Archer Ring Row

4 x 6 each arm


– Essentials: 8-12 Ring Rows

– Alternate minutes between Archer Ring Row and CGBP

– Last completed 4/6



Minute 1: 30s Max Push Jerk (135/95)

Minute 2: 30s Max Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

Minute 3: 30s Max T2B

Minute 4: 30s Max Double Unders

– Goal: Very similar to last week with some slight changes. Still break each interval into 2 big sets except for the DUs. Goal is to stay consistent with a tough effort and to tally all reps to compare to next week. Score = total reps.

– Rx+ (155/105)

– Scaled T2B to Straight Leg Raises or Knee Raises, double unders to single under. 


Banded Pushdowns

100 reps, AFAP.