Tuesday 5.18.21

Equipment Required: Foam roller, light DB, light band
1) Foam roll Thoracic spine x 60s
2) 10 Upward to Downward Dog w. Toe Touch
3) 3 rounds:

  • 5 Up Downs
  • 10 DB Single Arm Strict Press each
  • 15 Band Pull-aparts
  • 15 Seated Band Face Pull-aparts

Gymnastics Strength Work
4 sets
Legless Rope Climb x 1-2.
-Rest 45s.
Strict or Kipping HSPU: 5-10.

  • Rest 45s.
    L-Sit Hold: 10-20s.
  • Goal: This work is for QUALITY meaning no one should be hitting failure or even remotely close to hitting failure.
    -Scaled legless to regular rope climb. Scale rope climb to standing to ground.
    -Scale HSPU to HSPU negatives or Z-Press x 10 each arm

10 Alt. DB Snatch (50/35)
10 SA DB Push Press
10 Pull-ups (any style)

  • Goal: Complete this work at moderate, but consistent pace with small bouts of rest.
  • Scaled pull ups to assisted ring pull ups or band assisted pull ups.

1-arm rows
3 x 8-10 each.
-Rest 60s.