Tuesday 9.10.13

A. EMOM for 7 min: KBS (Russian) x 12 reps

A. EMOM for 7 min: C&J x 2 reps @70% of 1rm

1 mile run
Rest 10 min (skill work- athletes choice)
1 mile run

Skills: Perform at an easy pace.  Nothing intense.  Skills should be commensurate with your current skill level – work on something you need to get better at, but work within the part of the progression that you are in. (e.g. do not work on muscle up progressions if you do not have strict pull ups, strict dips etc etc).

Some examples:  HS holds, HS walks, DU’s, oly lifts with the bar, turkish get ups, MU progressions, kipping from the bar, hollow rocks, tripod, tripod into headstand…etc.




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