Wednesday 1.8.14

Wall Ball Conga Line:
Each person does 3 wall balls and then the next person jumps in from behind to do there 3 as the ball is in the air. Each person has 30 total wall balls. 6-10lb ball.

Rowing Bowling
Lowest score wins. The goal is to have the monitor stop at 100meter exactly. Anything above or below 100meter is points onto your score. Example, 102=2 points and 98=2 points. There are 10 tries just like in bowling. If you get a 0 (100) on the last frame you get 2 more frames and they will replace your 2 highest scores. Everyone does each frame together so no jumping ahead.

Burpee Dodge Ball
Dodge ball rules with a twist, if you hit someone you both have to so Burpees, whoever finishes last is the one that is out. Essentials=2 Fitness=4 Competitor=6

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