Wednesday 2.2.22


Equipment Required: Plyo box, light KB

1) 3 rounds:

– 1 Spiderman Lunge each

– 2 Single Leg Upward Dog to Standing each

– 5 each Step-ups

– 10 Russian Swings


Gymnastics Skill Work

10 minutes working on a skill of your choice.

– Static Holds IE Plank, Ring support etc.

– Perfecting Bodyweight movements IE Push-up, Squat etc.

– Higher Skill Gymnastics IE Muscle-ups, Handstand Walk etc.


Every 4:00 x 5 sets

1000/800 Meter Bike

15 Russian Swings (70/53)

50 Double Unders

– Goal: Challenging effort. You should have enough rest to repeat your level of output for all 4 sets. Track all splits, if your split time starts dropping you started out too hot. You should have 60-90s of rest each round.

L3: (64/44)

L2: (53/35) (35/15) (30s Double Under Attempts)

L1: (500 Meter Bike) (26/20) (Single Unders or Penguin Taps)

*Bike Alternative

400/300 Meter Row