Extreme – June 2-3, 2011

Dynamic Warm-up (DWU)

6-12 200m Sprints for Time w/ walk back recover (or 2 min recovery)
Rain Option: Rower, Jump Rope, SL Hops, Mtn Climbrs, Tuck Jumps or Run in place

RSS:3 rounds of Tabata (20/10) of each
SL Donkey Kick or HS (right)
SL Donkey Kick or HS (left)
SL Squat/Hop (right)
SL Squat/Hop (left)
SL Inchworm push up (right)
SL Inchworm push up (left)
Lunge Forward & Backward (right)
Lunge Forward & Backward (left)

Stretch Routine: Hold each for 10+ seconds (about 5 min total)

Rolling Lesson: Quad

Thursday @ 8:30 am @ Town Center Park
Friday @ 5:00 am @ Main Street by the Caboose
(if raining either day, go to Gym)