Friday 11.8.13

A1. DB press – 8-10 reps; rest 45 sec
A2. Ring row-  7-12 reps; rest 45 sec
A3. TGU – 2-3 reps each; rest 45 sec
A4. DB step ups- 8-10 reps; rest 45 sec.
400m run @85% x4; rest 1 min (walk)

A1. Pull ups (negatives) – 5-8 reps @ 3010 strict tempo. x 4; rest 1 min
A2. Ring dips (negatives) – 5-8 reps @ 3010 strict tempo
B. 40 pull-ups for time x 2; rest 2 min
Row 500m @85% x4; rest 2 min

Notes: 85% is “somewhat hard” you should be breathing hard but not “gasping” for air.

A. Muscle ups; 1-2 on the min for 15 min B. 50 CTB for time x2; rest 5 min + row 500m @85% rest 2 min x4

1 thought on “Friday 11.8.13”

  1. Lookin forward to the pull-ups and muscle up today. In July it took me 15 min to get just 75 CTB pull-ups. I have been training hard these past 3 months on the pulls.

    I did AM work with roman, Brandon b., chris Fischer and Adrienne. It’s always fun training with your buddies!! Who is your training buddy? A consistent trend that I see in the gym is those who have training buddies tend to increase their fitness the fastest. Just an observation. 🙂

    The rowing is going to be nice after all the pulls.